Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyone seems to be doing good right now. It's been getting pretty cold at night, down to 22 degrees one morning. Sha'ba is probably over 40, & pretty thin. He has always stayed in his pen at night & even though he has a shelter, I thought he might need a little extra covering. I have some of those lightweight soft fuzzy people blankets that I've used in the past on some of the older ones. They work real well, when they really don't need a heavy blanket. They are fuzzy enough that they cling really well to their hair, & don't come off, even if they lay down.

I'd put one on Pepper, but he gets really upset if he doesn't get to go out of his pen. There are too many mesquite trees & brush on the property, a blanket wouldn't last very long. He's been eating much better than he did this summer, so hopefully he's getting enough "fuel" to keep him warm. Once we get into winter, with days not quite so warm & nights getting colder quicker, he'll have to stay in whether he likes it or not, so he can be blanketed.

Chester is still walking pretty good. He's been off antibiotics for awhile, & seems to be doing just fine. It's been almost a year since his leg surgery when they cleaned all the infection out they could find.

Jenny seems to be very sound. I watched her in the wash one day trying to reach mesquite leaves high above her head. She was moving & positioning herself with no thought to where her feet where going, or how much weight she was putting on them. Recently she has been "hanging out" with Tula. That means when they are in Burroland, we usually have to go retrieve Tula & Jenny of course is with her. Tula takes off running & Jenny can stay pretty close to her trotting, but she will step up the pace if she has to. I'm sure the inside of her feet aren't pretty, but they have become functional, which is what we hoped for.

I guess Diego made the trip to Texas OK. My friend Terry asked if I thought of maybe accidently sending Tula to Texas & keeping Diego. Actually I mentioned to John, that this would be a good opportunity to send Tula to a place where she could be with donkeys & not have to deal with people except 3 or 4 times a year. John said she isn't going anywhere she's a nut, but she's our nut...!!! I guess it's like the saying on the shirt "I'm in my own little world, but it's OK, they know me here".

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