Sunday, November 30, 2008

LIFE IS GOOD.........!!!!!


For the last couple of days it's been cloudy & rainy, not a lot of flies to bother the donkeys. So they have been going without their flymasks which means................. Burroland can be open night & day. It certainly didn't take them long to figure it out & head for the "wild" country.

This morning most of the guys were play fighting when John went out to round them up. Little Pepsi is bound & determined that he is as big as anyone else. He gets up on his hind legs, stretches his neck & bites on necks. The big guys let him do it, so I can only assume this is part of the deal. They could squash him if they wanted to, but they seem to be careful with him.

Unfortunately today everyone has to stay in their pens until we feed them early. We have an engagement in Tucson tonight, so we'll have to feed about 3 hours early. We've learned in the past not to expect them to come in that early even to be fed. So it's easier to just leave them in, even if they think we have lost our minds.

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