Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well John is going to be "chief cook & bottle washer for a few days". Perhaps Gus choking this morning has something to do with his lack of anticipation of being in charge. Or Buster choking 2 mornings in a row last week. The only thing I can figure out is they aren't drinking as much now that it is cooling off, & the timothy pellets are getting stuck in their throats. We've been spreading Gus' supplements out since the last time he choked. And Buster hasn't been getting pellets since last week & is doing just fine. We also feed Lakin Lite pellets which are quite a bit larger than the timothy, but usually soak them first. We might try them dry, at least for these 2 & see if they can eat them without scaring us to death.

John & Don, John's cousin Carol's husband worked on Pepsi's shelter yesterday, & John finished it today. Now there is a shelter in every pen. Wow! I just counted them, we have 13 pens............!!!! Actually right now Pepsi's has 2 shelters in his pen, John hasn't taken down the little temporary one he put in right after Pepsi got here. While the guy's were doing the shelter, Carol & I trimmed up the mesquite & cat claw trees in the dog pen. They had lots of suckers growing every which way, & when we would go into pick up poo, it we came out looking like we had ran thru a buzz saw. Carol is use to living in Alaska, which doesn't have mesquite. After she got stuck a few times I thought it might be a good idea to find something else to do, before she got stuck really bad. It wasn't so bad cutting them, the gathering & piling is when the blood letting occurs. So we went in the house, drank tea & talked, while the guys worked..........!!! (G) The donkeys ate most of them after we went in the house, but I need to pick the rest up tomorrow before I leave.

I will be going to a Petsmart convention in Las Vegas this week-end. Never been to one, Sybil invited me, & I've never missed an offered trip, that I know of. Of course I asked John first, since the one that stays home obviously doesn't have as much fun as the one travelling. I'll let you know how it went when I get home. We'll also have Gulliver the macaw, & Henry. Henry is a "homozygous merle" dog who is partial blind & profoundly deaf. In equines this gene mutation is usually called lethal white. Equines don't survive, but dogs can, although they have major health problems. Sybil took in Henry & his brother when they were 6 weeks old. Not many people would take on a blind deaf dog, let alone 2 of them. So it should be an "interesting" trip..................!!!! (G)

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