Friday, November 07, 2008


Isn't he a pretty boy...............? John built a small pen with 4 corral panels attached to the trailer yesterday morning, so he could go out & look around. We left his hay & water in the trailer so he would have to go in. By yesterday evening he was going in & out like he'd been doing it all his life. He also would come to us when we came up to the pen. He seems to have a very good personality & seems to like being around people. Of course the ginger snaps probably helped.

Mark from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue called this afternoon from Tucson, so we shut Diego up in the trailer & headed for Benson. Here Mark & John are lining up their trailers for the hand off. They backed them up, so all he had to do was walk from one trailer to the other. Well that's what us humans thought was a good idea. Diego decided he didn't think much of the whole process, & preferred to stay in the trailer he was in. We tried encouragement, clicking, patting, haltering, noise behind, & finally, tugging on the front & Mark behind, REALLY pushing HARD.......!!! In fact I don't think Diego moved his feet at all, Mark pushed hard enough to slide his firmly planted feet along on the floor mats. Not once did he offer to kick, or fight us in any way. Mark said they will evaluate him & that he will probably go up for adoption very soon. I hope he gets a wonderful forever home of his own.

We had to hurry home for evening feeding. We were late & the whole bunch were waiting impatiently. I took this picture right after John went in the feed room to get carrots. As you can see the "horsey" group are making sure they are at the front of the line, when he comes out. BlackJack is facing the camera, Jack the mule is behind him, Gus & Max the horse are lined up on the door & Rusty the white mule is beside the building. When I first saw them Sha'ba was standing behind Max, but he moved before I got the camera. I was surprised because he usually stays away from the "big" guys.

I guess winter is on it's way. It was 25 degrees here yesterday morning........!!!!!

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