Monday, November 05, 2007


Got back from the Clinton Anderson Walkabout Tour last night. Really had a great time, didn't even mind sleeping in the van, which actually turned out very comfortable. I've never seen such a place as Empty Acres. I guess I need to get out in the "real" world more.............!!!!! Next week they are having a Horse Festival up there, & are expecting over 20,000 people for the 3 day event.

The clinic started at 8am sharp on Saturday. There was around 3,000 people there to watch. You can tell from the round pen, that the covered arena is pretty big. By 6pm the bleachers were getting hard. Sunday morning 8am, we started again & the bleachers hadn't gotten any softer overnight. I left at 4pm to get home at a decent hour & the clinic was still going on.

I'm really glad I got to go, & will try to go again, if he comes back to Arizona. Unfortunately most of the training he does, probably wouldn't work with donkeys, but it was really interesting anyway. To watch him take an unbroke 2 year old, like the one in the picture & have a saddle & rider on him in less than 2 hours, is amazing to me.

John did great while I was gone, everyone got along just fine. In fact they didn't even acknowledge I'd been gone, when I went out this morning. But he did tell me the same thing I always tell him when he comes home, "chores sure go faster with two than it does with one".................!!!!


Laura Lee said...
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Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish,
I should have gone to Buckeye!
I would like to teach Jack to pull a small cart (only if he wants to!). Do you know of any books or DVD's that could help me???
Thank You,

Jack's New Mom,


Tish said...

Before you ever try to get him to pull a cart, you would have to make sure he is up to date on his ground training. Then you can ground drive him, just like you would if you were in a cart, but you would be walking behind him instead. For all we know, he might already be trained to ride or pull a cart.

This is a very good site to learn a lot of neat stuff about donkeys.

I'm glad Jack has fit in to your herd so well. I wish there were more great homes like yours out there.