Thursday, November 22, 2007


We got a little sprinkling of moisture again this morning. It sure stirs Molly Mule up, I can't imagine how she will act if we ever get a "real" rain.

When Chester "finally" came in with control freak Tula this morning, he was actually walking pretty good. His arm isn't as swollen & I managed to clean enough of the ichthammol off to see a hard white spot. I still think it's a piece of bone. If we get a chance today we'll tie him up & try to look at it, & maybe clean it up a little. He's so protective though, it might be better to just watch it & let him work it out. I hope if it is a piece of bone it isn't still attached somewhere.

Actually John came in a few minutes ago, & said "Chester doesn't even want you LOOKING at his leg" & was adament enough about it to graze John's leg with a quick moving back foot. John said he thought Chester kicked a moment before, but thought he was kicking at a fly or something............. Yeh he was kicking at something alright, the nosy person that was trying to look at his leg. So he got smacked on the tush & told not to do that again. John thinks it looks like a piece of bone also. So that's two people that don't know what they are doing, in agreement.......!!!! (G)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving................!!!


Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish, John, and all the Furkids,

When we sit down at the table tonight in front of our faux turkey,my husband and I will have so much to be thankful for! You and your family, and the new member of our family, Jack.

We all owe you a debt that can never fully be repaid... the joy of the donkeys and mules that through you, we are able to adopt.

Thank You,
Laura (Jack's new Mom)

Tish said...

Hi Laura:

I would like to hope that someday there would be no need for rescue & sanctuary, but until that time.........I'm so glad there are people like you that give such wonderful homes to some of these guys. Jack wasn't abused or mistreated, but he needed a home never the less, & I'm glad it has worked out so well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.