Sunday, November 25, 2007


It was in the 20's here this morning, good thing John brought in wood & we built a fire last night. Broke ice on the water buckets & of course had to wear heavy coats, & gloves. Doing chores bundled up is sooooooo much fun......!!!! The sun is already up & shining, so it should be a nice day.

Isn't Chester just about the prettiest thing you ever saw? When I see this picture taken yesterday, the first thing I notice is the lack of swelling in his right leg from the shoulder, down to about halfway to the knee. It's like a miracle at how well he is walking. He's still limping, but seems very comfortable. This morning I thought I saw a raw opening where the white hard "thing" was, so I'm hoping, it fell out. Maybe he never had a broken shoulder, just a piece of bone broke off when he was kicked that's been working it's way out for months. We'll find out tomorrow when we haul him to Gilbert.

Since Jenny was trotting yesterday, we thought she would be able to take care of herself if the neighbor's dogs tried to chase her. So she got to go out overnight for the first time. This morning when the "herd" showed up at breakfast time, about 6 of them came in at a trot or canter. John said she was even moving faster than yesterday. Unfortunately she didn't want to go in her pen, she wanted to stay part of the herd. John had to "encourage" her with the quirt. She wanted to stay with Chester. When he first came here, she had a "thing" for him, guess she hasn't forgotten............!!!!

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