Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As soon as we get chores done this morning, we will get on the road to Gilbert. Dr. Taylor said the surgery went well, they cleaned all the infection they could find. Unfortunately he is pretty sure the infection is in the joint, which is a very poor prognosis, long term. It seems the "bugs" can hide, no matter what kind of antibiotics you give, or for how long. But we'll give it our best shot. I'm sure he will be much more comfortable without dragging all that infection around with him. He never had a broken shoulder, which is what we were told when we got him. He had been kicked on the side of his elbow. In the x-rays we could see wild bone growth right below the elbow joint, which is probably where he was kicked. It was porous & there were also a couple of other porous looking areas, closer to the joint. The infection probably started in the wild bone growth area & then branched out to the bone itself & then into the joint. This is a simplistic explanation, but that's the only way I can understand it.

We're also getting ready for the Open House this week-end. Thank goodness there isn't a whole lot of "getting ready", although I'm sure the next couple of days, will be pretty hectic. There's pens to build, signs to put out, & stuff to be done, I probably haven't even thought about. Even if we aren't ready, I'm sure the donkeys will be, once they see lots of people with cups of timothy pellets............!!!!

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