Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I guess Tula has decided that she will be as wild as she can be without giving up her "domestic" feed pan & hay. The last couple of days she has waited to come in, until we start putting the pans out for everyone else. In fact she waits until I've put her feed in her pen, & manages to come in without us seeing her. Although this morning I did catch a glimpse of her, without her knowing it. I'm not sure what the game is, but she's certainly playing it by her rules. Chester came in without her yesterday, but this morning he stayed out until she "decided" to come in. I keep telling him, she isn't the best one to hang out with, she'll lead him astray........!!!!

I noticed yesterday that Chester had a lump on the inside of the swollen part of his leg. It's been swollen ever since we picked him up, but I never noticed the lump before. This morning the lump is open & wet & he doesn't want it touched at all, so I assume it's very sore. I wonder if a piece of the broken bone has worked it's way to the surface & is coming out? I tried to put some Ichthammol, which is a drawing salve on it. It was a rather hit & miss operation, as I said he doesn't want it touched & was rather adept at keeping me away from it.

I called this morning up to the Equine Clinic at Gilbert, but of course with the holiday, they are behind. We have an appointment for Monday of next week. The last time we were up there, one of the Vets said, they always like for us to come up, because we bring such interesting problems...........!!! We've been wanting to get an x-ray of his shoulder to see just exactly what is broken & where. We should have had one taken, the day we picked him up, we were right at the clinic. But we were busy with Molly & Buddy Brat's surgery, & didn't even think about what a perfect opportunity to find out for sure what his shoulder looks like.

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