Friday, November 23, 2007

AND SO IT GOES..............!!!

Chester's leg is doing real good, although it looks like a science project. It's drained down his leg & of course he's laid down in the dirt & gravel, which makes for a messy leg. He's a little more agreeable to allowing us to touch his leg on the outside, BUT, not anywhere close to the open spot. There's too much crud on it now, so I can't tell if the white "thing" is gone or not. He's walking good, abeit, still with a limp, but not like before. The swelling has gone down considerably, & he isn't standing with the foot turned backwards like he was. I tried spraying the leg, with a spray bottle.......not even close to the wound. That's not going to happen.......!!!! He let me know his good nature, will only go so far........!!!

Everyone else seems to be doing good right now. Hopefully they will all continue in good health for the Cascabel Christmas Fair, next week-end. This morning Sha'ba actually brayed at us twice. Then when I went in to put his "mush" in his feed bucket, he wanted to push me out of the way. I reminded him, that without me there to put it in the bucket, there wouldn't be anything to eat...........!!! I got the distinct impression, he wasn't the least bit impressed............!!! (G) When I think back to what he was like just a little over 4 years ago, it's amazing how far he has come. We didn't think he would make the trip from Tucson, he was in horrible shape & so painfully thin. Donkeys are such survivors, & one of the most forgiving animals on the planet.

Except for Tula, I don't think she will ever forgive humans for what has been done to her in the past. She is NOT going to give up her independence to any mere human being, no matter how "honest" they are with her........!!!!

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