Wednesday, November 07, 2007



This is a picture of Jack in his new home, with his new best friend Tio. Obviously there is something of interest to the left. I guess he's went thru a few name changes, all revolving around Jack in some way, & has settled right into his new life. I love it when they get a great new home........!!!!

This Sunday we will pick up Gus, & deliver him to his new home Monday. Susan sent this picture, taken when she & Tom went out to visit Gus a few months ago. He's a good sized boy & should make a good friend for Chili. He's had no donkeys around him for a few years, but both of them have pretty mellow personalities, as far as I know, so they should get along just fine. Linda doesn't have a extra pen to separate them till they get to know each other, so we will stick around for a couple of hours & make sure Chili doesn't think he has to protect his "turf".

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Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish & John,
Thank you for sharing the picture of my boys!Tio and Jack(or Jacko/Jacko-Bean). They have finally bonded,after many weeks of Jack thinking he was a horse!I wake up, go to the window, and the minute they see me I hear the two of the sweetest sounds to be heard...the braying of my wonderful boys! Thank you for bringing Jack into our lives.Such a joy!