Friday, October 27, 2006

28 degrees this morning.........brrrrrrr!

I'm not too happy with the gang today. This morning it was 28 degrees when we went out to feed. The only ones here were Max, the horse, Jack the mule, & BlackJack, big boss donkey...... Bennie & Nina showed up quickly. The rest of them were over on "Burroland", their 20 acres of freedom. During the summer when they are wearing fly masks they have to stay on the 10 acres where the house & corrals are during the day . The reason we do this.... it's much easier to find fly masks that have been used as toys on 10 acres, than it is to find them on 30 acres. The above picture shows what they think of this arrangement, the closed gate leads to burroland.

They didn't come in on their own, I had to retrieve them. Pepper was the first one I saw on my trek, so I haltered him & started back to the 10 acres. The others could care less, I ended up with just Pepper. Penned him, went back over & found Lucy this time. We usually use her as the Judas goat, since they all seem to acknowledge her as the lead jennet. Haltered her, & sure enough, they all followed in a single line. Then they all seemed to be upset that breakfast wasn't waiting when they got here. Believe me I was tempted to forget breakfast. Unfortunately they wouldn't care, the lesson would be lost on them, & the trees & bushes would suffer. Donkeys are browsers & love to munch just about anything including prickly pear cactus, & greasewood.

There's a fly mask missing from yesterday, I must go & find............!!!!!! Wish me luck, sometimes they can be very elusive.

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