Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fly Season is "ALMOST" over.......

The last few mornings have been very chilly & consequently we've noticed fewer flies each day. Hopefully within the next few days we can dispense with the flymasks & consider summer is officially over........!!!! Once the donkeys no longer have to wear fly masks they will be able to have the use of their "beloved" Burroland, 24/7.....!!!

With the cooler weather we also should have to do less doctoring for summer sores, jack sores, habromena larvae or whatever you want to call them. These sores are caused by a misplaced stomach worm larvae, that hitchhike on flies, & can cause horrible & irreputable damage to these guys. Actually the larvae doesn't cause the damage. The itching they cause when trying to find a stomach to attach to, is so intense, the donkey will literally destroy themselves scratching & trying to gain some relief. We had to have Cisco I put down years ago, because he had literally destroyed his sheath.

This year wasn't too bad for habronema, thank goodness. Belle came to stay this summer with sores on her face & one leg & with a few weeks of intensive treatment, has been clear for almost 2 months. Sha'ba has a very bad area on the front of his nose, that I have been treating constantly for weeks. The cold weather will cause the remaining ones to go dormant, only to return next summer. Yuck! I wish they would just go away, permanently.

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