Thursday, November 16, 2006

A visit with Mirage

Yesterday we spent the afternoon visiting with Mirage. He spent over a year with us, till he could be gelded & mature. His "mom" didn't have any way for him to get the exercise a growing boy needs, & he loved to play. So he spent his misspent youth, out here playing with Max the horse, & having great fun making the donkeys scatter.
Last month his mom took him home & he has been in training about 3 weeks. Delford is a mule trainer & I was hoping that he wasn't the "mule-skinner" type of trainer. Mirage, loves people & has a lot of curiosity, which could all be destroyed in the wrong hands. I am pleased to report that Delford has done a magnificent job with Mirage. His ground manners are beautiful, & for all his spirit, he is a dream under the saddle. No bit, just a homemade rope hackamore. Delford even said he's one of the best horses he ever trained. He was a horseman before he discovered mules.........!!! "LOL" Mirage's mom has ridden him twice & her only complaint is, "he's so big".........!!!! He is going to be a pretty good sized Missouri Fox Trotter, & she's about my size, which isn't very big. So she's thinking of selling him. If she does, I hope he goes to a wonderful home that recognizes what a special horse he is, & treats him accordingly.

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