Saturday, November 11, 2006

Enjoying company

Well, the donkeys are getting ready for the open house. We've had quite a few visitors the last few days, friends from long ago & also new donkey friends. The donkeys really enjoy company, especially when the company thinks donkeys are there to be petted & fed timothy pellets. Even Shiloh, who is usually hesitant to come up to people, actually walked up behind Rick a long time friend & "asked" to be petted. Rick seems to have a way with animals, Buster also wanted his attention. Rick should stay around here awhile, maybe Tula would enjoy his attention. She sees no reason to be "pals" with people. We wanted her to decide to be friendlier on her own, but don't know if she will ever take that last step, which would be to stand & be touch. She had 2 owners in the last 4 years & wasn't required to be touched, so as far as she is concerned , this works for her.

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