Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dog pack

Last night the neighbor's dog pack, ran some of the donkeys. These dogs have been a problem for years, the last count we had was 16 dogs. But since then John has heard new puppies over there, so I guess there will be more to add to the pack, in the next few weeks. Animal control hasn't been much help. Their answer is, this is a livestock state, so shoot them. I'd rather shoot the people, that allow the dogs to run loose as a pack, & breed at will. They also don't have shots, so rabies is always a possibility.

The donkeys that have been here for awhile have learned that even as a pack, the dogs are cowards, so they don't run. Two of the new girls, Belle & Nina obviously ran. Belle has a swollen leg above the fetlock & Nina probably bounced off the barbed wire perimeter fence, ending up with cuts on her chest, ear & across her face.

A friend was going to bring 3 mini donkeys out to be put on diets. It seems they are getting a little too "short" for their weight..........!!!! I e-mailed her today to seriously think about it. These are large dogs & could easily take down a mini. She has already written back & agrees, it wouldn't be a good idea at this time. We were looking forward to them coming, they would have been our first minis.

Both BlackJack & Pepper for years have teased the dogs to get them to come into their space. So the dogs stay away from them & some of the others, but these girls weren't prepared for being attacked on their own property.

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