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Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 13, Criminal Code
Chapter 29, Offenses Against Public Order
# 13-2910: Cruelty to animals
A.3. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly inflicts unnecessary physical injury to any animal.
A.4. Recklessly subjects any animals to cruel mistreatment
F.2. "Cruel mistreatment" means to torture or otherwise inflict unnecessary serious physical injury upon an animal or to kill an animal in a manner that causes protracted suffering to the animal.
F.3 "Cruel neglect" means to fail to provide an animal with necessary food, water, or shelter.
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Shiloh, in his former life was used as a roping donkey. His legs are badly scarred. He has scarring on his muzzle & some of his teeth are embedded in his gums. Our best guess is, he has been badly kicked in the face. He also has a lot of scarring on his neck, probably from having his throat torn out by other aggressive donkeys or horses. He doesn't make any sound at all, so we assume his vocal cords have been damaged. He is very gentle, although he gets very frightened if you try to "capture" him with a rope or halter.

You might ask, "what is a roping donkey" ? People that do roping practice a lot. Calves are worth money & donkeys can be had for as little as $ 25.00 from the BLM or sometimes even cheaper at auctions. In other words, they have very little value to some people. They will be roped until one of three things happen; they can get a broken leg, or even a broken neck. Or they will shut down emotionally & refuse to run. Shiloh was with us for about 2 years before he ever looked at us, or twitched a ear to show interest in what was going on around him.

Donkeys, horses & mules are classified as livestock, rather than companion animals.

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