Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bennie & I started on clicker training yesterday. He's a little possessive of his feet. They need some trimming, so I thought we'd see if clicker training might make the job a little easier.

He figured out "targeting" quickly. It only took a few minutes for him to equate touching the target, hearing the click & getting a few timothy pellets for his effort. This morning I tried running my hands up & down his legs, & picking his feet up for a few seconds, then a click & a goody. This boy is a fast learner. I have no doubt he could learn to do just about anything you wanted to teach him.

Nina on the other hand, is very cautious. At first the clicking scared her. So we are going very slow, until she gets use to the sound. It loses something, when your trainee, takes off & doesn't wait for her reward. It might take her a few mornings to figure it out, but I'm sure once she figures it out, she'll be as good a student as Bennie.

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