Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our first Open House....!!!

The 1st week-end of December will be the annual Cascabel Fair. This Arts & Crafts fair has been going on for over 20 years, & hundreds of people drive out for the day to enjoy the San Pedro River Valley & it's uniqueness. Many vendors will set up at the Cascabel Clayworks & also at Ivan's a local painter. They are located about 13 miles farther north on the Cascabel road.
We asked if we could participate this year, & have been given the OK, even if we aren't located up where the actual Fair will be going on. We will put a sign out on the main road to let people know we will be open for donkey feeding & petting. Hopefully we won't have a lot of people show up at once. Since we're new at this open house idea, I'm sure we'll have to learn as we go along. So if you are in the neighborhood that week-end, stop by & say "HOWDY".

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