Saturday, October 14, 2006

A group of visitors came to visit the donkeys today. Pima Community College gives tours of local areas of interest & have been coming out to see the donkeys for a couple of years. The people always seem to enjoy seeing the donkeys & hearing their stories. The donkeys really like to see a group of people drive in the driveway. They have learned that a large group of people showing up, usually have come to see them. We furnish small bags of feed for those who would like to feed the donkeys & it doesn't take long for them to figure out which people are "goodie" dispensers. Most of the donkeys enjoy the game as much as the people. Some of the donkeys still aren't trusting enough to wade into a group of people, even for food. Occasionally one that has been stand offish decides to "try" it & we have a break thru. Shiloh is one that has recently started standing very close to the people although he won't go to the people. But he will stand his ground if someone wants to walk over to him & offer treats. Hopefully soon, he will wade right in with the more precocious ones, to get his fair share of the goodies.

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