Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today, is the first day of freedom!

This picture was taken just before we opened the pen & let them out this morning. Bennie is on the right, Nina on the left. Bennie is really a nosy guy & came out like he wanted to see everything all at once. Of course all the other donkeys, mules & horses were already out, & he seemed quite surprised at all these eyes looking at him. His answer was to kick up his heels & take off running. Nina followed at a more sedate pace, but I did see her running & bucking a little bit. The pen they were in wasn't that small, but obviously it wasn't large enough to exercise, at least by their standards. This afternoon they have settled down in the beautiful Arizona sunshine, & are resting under the trees, like everyone else. Around 4pm, we will start gathering everyone up for their evening feeding. Some of them go into pens, & some don't. I'm curious to see if Nina & Bennie remember their pen, & will go back to it. Or if we will have to "encourage" them. Something tells me, Bennie especially will be hard to herd in one direction. He seems to think running is a lot of fun & I'm too old to chase him effectively. Nina has some problems with her feet, although she seems to be sound. I've already gotten in touch with my trimmer, to see if we can help her. Her previous owner said she is a little difficult about her feet, so I will try some clicker training to see if we can make picking up feet a little easier.

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