Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nina & Bennie have come to stay

We went up to Gilbert, south of Phoenix yesterday & picked up Nina & Bennie. They were rescues & the woman that had them, could no longer take care of them, so she released them to us.
Bennie is a curious, in your pocket, type of guy. Nina is a little more stand offish, & I can't blame her. Although she is only about 4 years old, at sometime in her life, her left nostril has been ripped open. It has healed, but she has a 4 inch open scar that runs from the top of her nostril up her face. It has collapsed & has a hard area inside which cuts off that nostril for normal breathing. She has been scoped, & above this area, is normal. Surgery has been discussed, & as you can imagine isn't cheap. But there is also no guarentee that it would help her breathe easier, so for now we will leave it as it is. She is a pretty girl, & it's a shame that this injury wasn't attended to when it happened, so she wouldn't have had to go thruout her life, so disfigured.
Bennie thinks she's pretty cute & stays with her constantly. They will stay in a pen for a few days, until they get use to new surroundings, & then will go out with the rest of the gang.

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