Sunday, September 06, 2020


It's 1:30pm and 105 degrees even as I type....  It's just miserable because we still have the humidity the weather people are so excited to tell us about.  A company that makes jellies and different items from prickly pear said this year the crop is only about 20% of what it usually is.  

 I know our prickly pear on the property, the ones that have bothered to bloom and set fruit, have rather scrawny fruit.  John watches the temperature in Colorado where Lynn and Linda are and their low this week is suppose to be 18 degrees.........!! I hope it cools off here before they come back, not sure they will be ready for the shock of our nighttime temperatures being higher than their daytime temperatures in Colorado.  

 The Arizona donkeys have started putting on their winter coats, hopefully it will cool off soon.  Not sure what the Colorado donkeys will think if it's still oppressively hot when they get here.  

Linda shared this video of Link and I think Jacque someplace in Colorado out for the fun at liberty.

Link and Jacque.............I think. Too many of the donkeys are grey and if you don't see them day to day it's not easy to tell them apart.  

The donkeys are still staying in their pens, except for every other day half go over to the Burro Barracks for fun and frolic.  It's working out really well, they've learned the operation and seem excited to do something different than just stand in the pens. 

Big Gus had not been able to go over to the barracks after the first day.  The fence between us and the neighbor wasn't adequate for keeping his big head on this side of the fence.  There is an abundance of mesquite beans on the other side, so he was  pushing the loose barbed wire down and enjoying a forbidden feast.  

Last week we got all the "fixins" for a fence and between Suzanne tamping the t-posts in with her helpers John and our neighbor they got done in 2 days and Big Gus got to go over yesterday.  So far the fence is holding and he seems happy to be able to roam around, so it's a win-win for all. 

In all the years we've had donkeys on the property we've only had 1 ear damaged by barbed wire.  Donkeys are pretty smart about sharp fence and it's never been a problem.  Bella came in a few days ago with a rather abused ear, looks like she  got it hung up on barbed wire and jerked it loose.  I doctored it and didn't think too much about it, these things usually heal by themselves. This morning Suzanne noticed it looked rather bedraggled sure enough it's torn, so she will get added to my list of patients for a few days.  

I'm still doctoring Macho Man every morning with a bandage change on his leg.  It is getting better but it's a slow process.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and the proud flesh area has gotten noticeably smaller.  We plan on taking him up to the specialty clinic in the Phoenix area this fall to have the scar tissue removed from his sheath.  It's so large and heavy he can't retract the sheath, so it's always hanging and according to the people that had the 4 donkeys it had been that way about 15 years, can you imagine that?  At that time they can look at his leg and see if there is anything else we can do. 





ellie k said...

I have gone back and started reading your older blogs from 2006 forward. It is like a good book and I don't want to stop. My eyes give out but it is never boring. Thank you for having it for me to read. I need something to hold my interest on Long evenings alone. I don't watch much TV so reading and the computer is my outlet and maybe one day a man will come my way, Ha Ha.

Tish said...

I don't watch TV much either, I call it a vast wasteland. It could be so much more than it is. Are you sure you want to complicate your life with a man? LOL After my Daddy died if the subject ever came up about remarrying, she'd say no I can eat popcorn and ice cream for supper if I want. Glad you are enjoying the old blogs. Maybe I'll go back and read them someday.