Sunday, August 30, 2020


 Nothing really exciting, but a few sprinkles here and there and the high so far today in the afternoon is 87 degrees and cloudy.  Hopefully this is the start of fall and cooler weather.

The donkeys have been getting to go over to the Burro Barracks for about a week.  About half of them go one day after breakfast and the next day the other half get to go.  They seem to look forward to it with great anticipation, even Casper the mini mule almost prances to the dog pen to spend the day. 

We still have the problem of piles of beans on the ground under the trees.  

This is what it looks like under almost every tree on the property.  John has his grass catcher and it works pretty good, but you can't get under the trees.  So the latest idea is a leaf blower to blow the beans out from under the trees, where the golf cart can go.  He doesn't want to buy one if it won't work, so a friend has offered to loan hers.  If it works then John will get one of his own.  Otherwise if they aren't going to turn black and rot, I guess we'll have to rake under each tree, which really sounds like a lot of fun.......!!

I raced last night, car came home in one piece, so it was a good night.  I finished 4th in the main event.  It's frustrating to get beat by the same cars all the time. Talked to the manager of the track and he verified a rumor I had heard that the Hornets wouldn't be racing next year.  Our car count has dropped off over the years because a few cars dominate the class.  He asked me what I was going to do and I told him, I guess I'll retire.............!!!  

Hopefully the local dirt track will open up in the spring.  They were going to race this year, but the Covid-19 crisis stopped that.  Pima County has come up with rules on top of rules and people running around with pens and clipboards to make sure the rules are followed.  I really like the dirt a lot better than pavement, so I've got my fingers crossed that it will happen.  

The Burro Buddies facebook page has quite a few really good videos Linda took up in Colorado.  I'll share the addresses, the first one shows how agile some of the donkeys are.

 Benji had not been worked with much before Lynn and Linda took him to Colorado in the spring, look at him now.........!!

Unfortunately Gus has been gone for a few years,  he was such a nice boy.  Roxie was the neighbor's dog, she use to come over here a lot and she and Gus had a thing going.  The local cattleman complained about her and her 3 grown pups running loose, so the neighbors have had her penned up since then.

She was very thorough

 Just two friends hanging out together



ellie k said...

Do you have pictures of DJ or up date about his new home? Loved the videos.

Tish said...

The update on DJ aka Dion is, he's being stand offish and they haven't got to put his fly mask on yet. He's in a pen by himself, the rest of the herd comes by to visit during the day. Jill, the mini mule thinks he's rather cute. He will take treats from them, but none of the touchy feely stuff. Theresa says they will just take their time and let him call the shots. I would imagine he will have to stay in the pen, because if he was out with the herd, he's got too much room.........LOL

He was in a pretty small pen, 12x24 here and we just put a hand on his rump and walk up to his head or hold on to his fly mask. Once you have hold of him, you can do anything with him.