Saturday, August 22, 2020


 All that means is, we might have days below 100*  We did get an inch of rain a couple of days ago, and the humidity is above 70%, so hopefully we'll get some more.  

Yesterday was one of those "cooler" days, so off to the Burro Barracks we all went to rake beans.  Wendy is a volunteer that actually came out to run with a donkey, but she jumped in with a rake and worked instead.   By the time we were finished raking, she and Suzanne were too tired to even walk with donkeys......!!  


We talked about burning them, but they make such a hot fire, we decided to just haul them out to the road and let the traffic break them up. 

This is John's newest toy, it's actually a lawn sweeper to pick up grass clippings, but he got one to see if it might help with picking up beans.  He'd played with it 2 or 3 times and it would pick up beans, but it also threw dirt all over the golf cart that was pulling it.  

Wendy said it looked like it wasn't put together right, she was the only one of us that had ever had one.  And of course John being a guy, didn't read the directions, he just put it together....!! LOL

It amazing the difference now, it not only picks up more beans, it doesn't throw dirt all over the golf cart.  

There were still beans in the pen, but there's no way we could get all of them out, so we will limit their time over there.  Yesterday we put about half of them over there, BlackJack, Big Gus, Bunny, Leroy, Jackson, Bella and Sasha.  We wanted to put Tula over there too, had to put her in a squeeze to get a halter on her and then she planted her feet and would not move.  In all the years she's been here, we've never tried to lead her.  She is almost feral, she would never hurt you, but she will evade any interaction with people if she can.  We told her it would be worth it, but she wasn't buying it.  

Casper also won't be able to go over there either.  Part of the pen is corral panels and part is barbed wire neither of which even slows him down as he camo crawls under to go on an adventure.  He's actually not left the property in a long time, but the draw of all the beans laying everywhere, would be too tempting I'm sure.  

Most of them, went in the pen, their heads went down and they started gleaning the area for beans.  Bunny searched for beans for awhile and then she figured out she had room to run and buck, so away she went.  She even got BlackJack to kick up his heels.  

They actually didn't cause much trouble after their hour was up and they got led back to their pens, which was amazing. 

This afternoon we took DJ to his new home.  He is such a good boy to work with, about 5 minutes before we were going to go out and load him, Suzanne came in said he's already loaded and ready to go.  No muss, no fuss. 

Out of the trailer ready for adventure

This is part of his new herd, the small black one is a mini mule named Jack.  Theresa got him and Jill from us years ago.  Jack acted like he remembered me, came up to be petted and stayed with me.  

Dixie is the pinto mini horse.  Theresa got her off Craigslist years ago, went to see her.  The people were horse traders and trying to sell her as a kid's pony.  She has a misaligned jaw and is also monkey mouthed, lower protruding jaw a not uncommon defect with minis.  Her legs are also not straight and she is small enough she shouldn't be carrying weight.  You know if kids got her they would have been piling on and probably running her.  As it is she is is the queen bee of the herd and is in charge of everyone big or little, whether they like it or not.........!!!  LOL  When DJ got there he was in a pen quite a ways from her and they were "chatting" back and forth.  Who knows maybe they will become an "item".....!!

I think this is Carter, one of the 2 donkeys checking DJ out.

 This is Jill the other mini mule saying hello. Don't you just love the rock "posts" they've built?  I guess they had a lot of rocks and figured out a beautiful way to use them.

 When we got home, it was about time to let the donkeys for today into Burro Land.  That would be Rosie, Gigi, Koshare, Ana and Kachina.  It went pretty good, except Koshare was afraid he wasn't going to get to go and became a pill.  From now on, he will get moved with 2 people and 2 lead ropes.  Even that probably wouldn't be enough, if he decided to take off with a full head of steam.  

Tomorrow will probably be Cisco, Macho Man and maybe BlackJack.  BlackJack was over there yesterday, but he's been penned with those two before and gets along with them. 


ellie k said...

A few pounds and a hair cut sure changed DJ's looks, he is a nice looking guy now. Glad he found a nice home and can make friends and retire there in a forever home. Thank you all for what you do, it is always good to read about the babies and how you treat them.

Tish said...

I'm always thrilled with good homes for these guys, they deserve it.