Saturday, August 08, 2020


Got some videos from Colorado to share

The first one is Turbo showing off his new skills.  Last year he didn't come back to Arizona, he stayed in Colorado for training with Eric Lynn, who owns  Mountain Ridge Gear.  They make top of the line outfitting equipment including pack saddles.  Here he is showing off what he learned. 

This is Cochise showing off at climbing steps.  He had a pretty rough start as a roping donkey.  But unlike a lot of the donkeys that have been roped, he doesn't hold a grudge and doesn't have a lot of mental baggage.  In fact he is curious, loves attention, and from the reports we've gotten, loves to run.  Seems to take climbing steps in stride too..!!  


Suzanne has been working with Leroy and Jackson the new minis.  They hadn't been worked with a lot in their former life.  In fact Leroy didn't seem to be very familiar with a lead rope.  

A couple that wants to try racing wants to come out once a week and work with the donkeys.  Let's see, 2 donkeys that need training and 2 people that want to race donkeys.  Hmmmm, sounds like plan........!!!  Suzanne has also been working with trailer loading. Today they both did really good, Jackson is an in and out type of guy, he thinks it's fun now.  Leroy is still a little hesitant, but he'll figure it out.  




Suzanne said Casper who's pen is next to Leroy and Jackson, went to his gate this morning whining when she was working with those two.  So she's going to go walk him for awhile.  I'll add a video if she has one later.  


Here is Cochise toddling down the steps.  This was the first time he went up or down.








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