Monday, May 04, 2020

WE'RE NEVER BORED...........!!!

Yesterday morning as we were doing chores we noticed a little bird hopping around on the ground.

It's a little baby Inca Dove, without much tail or wing feathers.  At least not enough to fly effectively.

Just like catching baby chicks, but it's been awhile since I did that...!!

He's really noisy, if they come out of the nest not being able to fly very well and are noisy, makes me wonder how they survive.  Linda was taking pictures, stopped long enough to read up on doves.  They only lay one or two eggs.....!!  They don't even reproduce themselves at that rate.  I would imagine the attrition rate for young baby birds is pretty high too.

Linda yelled for Lynn to come join the fun.  He climbed up the tree like a monkey looking for the nest.  The tree is a cat claw, which has nasty little barbs that look just exactly like a cat claw and feel like one too.  But he managed to climb up and find the nest without getting punctured.

Lynn headed up

Up he goes to the nest.

Lynn with the little guy in the bucket, getting ready to put him in the nest.

All this time the mom had been yelling and flying around watching what was going on.

Lynn is at the bottom on the left side, mom is at the end of the arrow and baby is in the nest right in front of Lynn.  

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED............until this morning, when we were doing chores.  Mom was yelling and flying around and the little guy was sitting on one of the corral panels right above a water bucket.  I started filling the water buckets all the way to the top to hopefully make sure he didn't get in the bucket and drown.  I guess mom decided it was time for him to leave the nest and probably didn't appreciate having to push him out of the nest again because of human interference .  By the time I got the 3 buckets closest to him filled, he disappeared and we couldn't find him.  Hope he's OK, he's almost a member of the family.......!! LOL

A couple of weeks back I had a picture showing why I was buying a lot of cans of pumpkin for Cisco.

This is NOT what donkey poo should look like, stuck together in a large clump, looks really uncomfortable to get rid of.

So the treatment of choice to start with is canned pumpkin. His poo has been looking better and yesterday Linda happened to be standing by with her phone when he showed her what a difference a couple of weeks make.

This morning Courtney came to get the minis.  They have been here over 13 years, she brought them here for weight control and never took them back.  I guess she is taking them to a friend to keep now. 

We are all sorry to see them go, they've been a big part of the tours, parades and other things going on around here. Justin even did burro pack racing in Colorado a couple of years.  Lynn and Cheyenne are around 30 years old and have spent a lot of their lives here.  I don't know what the circumstances will be in their new home, but doubt that they will have the freedom they had here.

The girls are bonded and when Bella came,Cheyenne let her know in no uncertain terms that they didn't need her hanging around with them.

Justin is in his late teens and actually Lynn is his mother.  He hasn't hung out with the girls in years, he's a "guy" and actually will probably miss his 2 girlfriends Bunny and Olivia.  Heaven help any of the other boys, he yells at them and will body slam them if they insist on visiting with his girls. 

I hope they all adjust quickly to their new life styles. 

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