Saturday, May 09, 2020


Seems like everything is on hold, with everyone trying to figure out what's going on and what should be going on.  

John and I did get haircuts yesterday, so our little town is opening up a little.  Monday is suppose to be another milestone in returning to normalcy, we'll see.  

Lynn and Linda are getting ready to head back to Colorado with lots of donkeys.  I think the last count was 32 donkeys, which equals 3 trailers.  Suzanne was going to drive up with a trailer of donkeys and then come back home.  

But it looks like the pack burro races are cancelling for this there is no need for the 10 extra donkeys they were going to take.  The list is flexible right now, we know which one of ours are going, just not sure about the others.  

Linda has been busy getting ready to travel, so I don't have access to as many pictures as usual.  I went thru pictures and videos on my computer and came up with some of interest that I don't think I've shared before.

This is Linda scratching inside Quilla's ears.  This rates high up on "things you can do to make a donkey happy". 

This doesn't make anyone happy, especially Bella.   Cholla isn't something you want to get stuck on your body, anywhere.  And on the lip would really be bad.  BlackJack came in not long ago with 3 pieces of cholla stuck in his mouth, between his lip and teeth.  I didn't have a comb with me and the way they were in there, I doubt if a comb would have worked.  NOT FUN......but I got them out without getting stuck too badly. 

This is Loki enjoying a butt rub.  They really like to be mauled, the rougher it is, the more they like it.  

The asphalt track is suppose to have a practice next week-end with a race the 22nd for the Hornets.  We'll go to the practice, I really haven't got to drive the new car at all.  If it has problems at the practice at least John will have a few days to hopefully fix it.  

Haven't heard anything from the dirt track about when they will open.  The dirt car is ready to go, so I don't expect it to not be ready.  I hope I'm not jinxing it by being so sure.........LOL 

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