Monday, May 18, 2020


Over the last 3 days the herd has grown by eight........!!!  They are all "hitchhiking" to Colorado for one reason or another, and anytime someone is hauling, especially long distance sometimes it works out if there is room for some extras.

This is 3 of them, Banjo Man, and I hesitate to try to identify the 2 miniatures, it might be Cierra and Jerome......LOL

It always amazes me, how accepting donkeys are of all the nonsense people put them thru.  In the trailer, go somewhere new that has lots of donkeys to stare and try to hopefully welcome them into the herd. 

Then there is Pat, or as I call her Patsy, I think Linda is calling her PattiCake.  The name Pat is too plain for such a pretty girl.  This is Louie being at the front of the line to welcome her out of the trailer. He's another hitchhiker so they might become good friends before they get where they are going.  They aren't going to the same place though, so it might be a short relationship.....!!

Louie was really interested in looking her over
She got to go out this morning and I think she investigated every inch of the property,  She wasn't interested in the donkeys but she sure was interested in looking the place over

Not sure who's nose that is on the right, but they seem to be getting along just fine.

We were interested to see how Casper the little white mule would behave towards a molly mule.  In the past his behavior towards other equine has been, to put it politely bizarre  When he first came here he would run at them, mouth wide open and screaming like a banshee.  The more they ran, the wilder he got.  We had another little mule gelding here one time, and he was scared to death of Casper.  His anti-social behavior is why we ended up with him.  

Usually after a few days, he settles down and life goes on, but it's very disruptive in the meantime.  I had always wondered about a molly, although he has chased some of the jennies.  Patsy let him know she did not appreciate his attention.  He actually hasn't done the open mouthed screaming in years, but he will chase them if they let him.  She kicked at him a few times and he chased her a couple of times and that pretty much took care of the problem.......

Casper doesn't have anyone to run with, he tolerates the donkeys and they tolerate them, but they really don't have much in common.  I've thought about if a little mini molly happened to be available somewhere, that he might appreciate having a girlfriend.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe she would keep him from camo crawling under the perimeter fence..........LOL

We had a tour this morning, in fact I think we've had a tour everyday since we reopened last Friday.  

Of course Big Gus had to stick his big nose in the golf cart to get petted.  He is such a character, I always tell people he will either be the most interesting animal they ever met, or the most obnoxious, just depends on their level of acceptance.......!!  He has no boundaries when it comes to being with people.

This is Link doing his giraffe interpretation.  Right now the mesquite trees are blooming and must be tasty, the donkeys are eating them every chance they get.    Link is a lot taller than the others, so he can get higher up in the trees.  He'll probably grow for 2 or 3 more years, so we have no idea how tall he will eventually get.  

Thanks for the pictures Linda and Bill

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