Friday, May 22, 2020


Suzanne called this morning to say everything is going well, no problems.  They were loaded and ready to hit the road.
Last night their biggest complaint was moths, I guess the local moth population was thrilled to have company......!!!  Not as much problem loading this morning as yesterday morning which is a good thing.  Guess Leddy and Legend were resigned to their fate.......!!! LOL

This set up allows the use of the back gates as gates or panels between the trailers, to give the donkeys a little more move around. 

This is Linda's picture from yesterday trying to get all 3 rigs in one picture.  It looks like the 3rd rig is in front, behind the tree on the left, with the back gate open, but for all practical's still almost impossible to get all 3 rigs in one picture, at least side views.........!!! 

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