Wednesday, August 21, 2019


At least for Cheyenne, Cisco, Lynn and Casper the mini mule.  Originally Big Gus was suppose to go,but since he got tubed a few days ago I figured he wouldn't appreciate having his mouth messed with.  Although he's back to eating normal it could still be a little tender.  

So he dropped off the list and we added Casper.  They all loaded easily, which is always a good thing.  Got there and started with Casper.  He was really a good boy to work with, I was amazed.  He had a lot of tartar buildup on his teeth that Dr. Debra popped off.  

Lynn was a pretty good girl, another one with lots of tartar, Dr. Debra said too many animal crackers

Cheyenne on the other hand was an absolute brat, rearing up with her front legs, squirmy, wiggly, and when Dr. Debra tried to put the mouth speculum in her mouth so she could examine Cheyenne, she clamped her mouth shut on the speculum and no one was strong enough to make her open it. Finally Dr. Debra shook her jaw from side to side and she relented enough to open her mouth one click.  She even kicked at poor Lynn and all Lynn was doing was standing within Cheyenne's line of sight.  


 Suzanne got a workout, she volunteered to hold them and I let her...........LOL  John helped to hold Cheyenne and it took both of them to "almost" control her.  They used their bodies to squeeze her up against the corral panels, or attempted to.  She's short and determined and was really hard to contain, she absolutely did not plan on a trip to the dentist that day...........!!  She never offered to kick people, just poor Lynn, but she missed.............!!

Casper got to eat some green grass after being such a good boy.

Cisco was a good boy, but he always is.  Doesn't matter what is happening, he's willing to go along with it. 

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