Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Actually it was a decent little rain in the afternoon, cooled everything off, and it seemed like it was enough to wet the beans and hopefully start them on their "trip" to become black and inedible for donkeys.  But no........within minutes of the rain quitting, the sun came out bright and hot, the humidity must have been close to 100% and within 1/2 hour you couldn't hardly tell it had rained.  This has been the weirdest monsoon we've ever had since we've been here.  This week is suppose to be over 100* in Tucson every day, this time of year the temperatures should be heading for the low 90s by now.  

I guess the fire in the Little Rincons is out.  There was a facebook page to keep everyone up to date on how it was going.  It hasn't been updated since the 22nd and we haven't seen any smoke, so I guess that's it.  Yesterday John was under my race car and he heard 2 large claps of thunder that he said was REALLY close.  He said it really got his attention, so he squirmed out (he hates my little cars, there's no room for wiggling) and came in the house and just beat the rain starting.  

The reason he was under there is, the fuel pump had lost pressure it would still run, but had no power at all.  He spent a lot of time under there while I was gone to Benson yesterday.  When I came home he said the remanufactured fuel pump he just bought had less pressure than the one he took off.  So he had to take it off again, and O'Reilly's is suppose to get a replacement in today.  I hope so, I'm suppose to race Saturday night and we have 2 main events to run in one night.  This car is such a basket case he keeps threatening me with parking it and racing the freshly built Cavalier.  I just want to finish this season, hopefully in 5th place.  I don't want to bring the Cavalier out and get it wrecked, then it wouldn't be pretty to start out next season.  The car I was driving when I smashed my knee was 21 laps into it's 3rd race, so we didn't get much mileage out of it at all.......!!!  LOL

Turbo is a grown up now.  This is a friend of Lynn and Linda's in Colorado officially riding Turbo.  Lynn has always leaped on him bareback and he could care less but he's never been ridden with equipment.  Eric hurt something, knee, back, one of those important areas that probably needs to be in good shape if you're going to pack burro race.  So since he's going to be laid up for awhile they've traded donkeys I guess until racing season is over.  Turbo will get saddle training and Eric's donkey will still get to race.  Those ears are up and Turbo looks like he's having a good time. 

This is Levi before and after.  On the left is how he looked when he hadn't been with us very long.  You could have put a dinner service for 4 on his back and it wouldn't have fell off.   He had been on a diet, but when they left for Colorado he was still obese.  We were afraid he wouldn't pass the vet check when they had the fun run at Empire Ranch in the spring.  He passed the check, but the vet did write OBESE on his paperwork.  Fast forward a few months to a trip to Colorado running around on 40 acres with the herd, and going out for runs, I'm not sure if he has actually ran in a race.  He was suppose to run at Fairplay when John and I went up to watch, but he was a little "off" that day and didn't make the cut.  It's amazing, he doesn't look like the same donkey.  I'm sure he feels better and hopefully he'll get a chance to race and show off his new figure.  

Thanks for the pictures Linda

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