Friday, August 09, 2019


The last couple of days I guess the heat and humidity is just about perfect to bring all the flies in this part of the country out in force.  Thank goodness the donkeys have fly masks, but the flies are all over them in their mouths and their tails are switching constantly.  They get a break after dark, but they don't get a break from daylight to dark.  

They are finding plenty of mesquite beans on the 10 acres.  Yesterday afternoon when it was time to feed, everyone was here except.............Casper the little mini monster mule.  SIGH!  I took the quad and headed over to Burroland.  A few days ago he was over there and sure enough as I came thru the wash on the quad, I saw him in the brush.  He's white, so he can't hide very easily.... !!  By the time I got the quad thru the gate and the gate closed he was no where to be seen.  I rode all over the 20 acres and didn't see him anywhere.  Came back over on the 10 acres and he was outside Penny's pen helping her eat her mush.......brat..............!!!  When he saw me he walked straight to his pen.  I told John maybe we should let him continue to "escape" over there, rather than trying to fix the fence so he can't get over there.  I have a feeling he would just go under the fence in other areas and might end up out on the main road.  There is plenty of mesquite beans over there under the trees to keep him busy......I hope.........!!

Below are some pictures Linda shared from the Fairplay race.  Most of these pictures were taken by professional photographers, wish they had their watermarks on all their pictures, so I'd know who took which pictures.  Some of them are marked, so thanks for sharing. 

Buddy up in the high country, he's turned into quite a runner.

Coquette and her runner

Frijolita in the high country helping her runner up the trail

Little Pepsi, doing his thing.  At least I think it's Pepsi, it's hard to tell him and Justin apart, when they have their saddles on.

Guess Loki's runner had a good time.

Pepsi and his runner

Turbo and some new friends

Sugar heading for the finish line and a 7th place finish for the short course (15 miles)

Leo on the left, not sure who is on the right, don't think it's one of ours.

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