Thursday, August 22, 2019


Fire season that is.  Yesterday afternoon we had some lightening in the area, with a few sprinkles.  When I say a few, I'm being generous.  Anyway last night just before dark we noticed wisps of smoke, west of us in a valley in the Little Rincons.  The Rincons are closer to Tucson and the little Rincons on our side of the Rincons.  We watched it for awhile and when it got dark you could see the flames pretty good.  Suzanne took this picture later and it was really getting bright.  

We can smell the smoke, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like after dark tonight.  It's not even interesting enough to make the local news.  They've got quite a few fires all over Arizona that are bigger.  I would imagine if the wind changed directions and it headed for Tucson, they'd get a little more excited.  

Well, the donkeys so far are not having as big a fit as we expected about having to stay in their pens, all the time.  They will try to get out the gate if you don't pay attention, but for the most part they are behaving themselves.   

This morning Suzanne made a list of areas in the pen that need attention, such as broken welds on some of the corral panels and boards that need to be replaced or tightened in the shelters.  Tanya that works at the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary a few years ago, did some welding on the pens for us and has offered to do it again.  Some of the pipe that's been in touch with the ground has rusted or rotted, not sure which, but is no longer pipe, so as soon as we can find some pipe, she'll start on fixing them.  John has already started fixing some of the little things this afternoon, wow, if I'd known all it took was a list, I could have made one a long time ago................LOL  

Well, it looks like 2 of our kids won't be coming back from Colorado.  Pepsi and Coquette have found their forever homes, with new families.  The woman that is getting Pepsi, has wanted him since last year and they both sound like they will be great homes with people that appreciate how special they are.  

This is how Coquette was walking when she came here 6 years ago, now she's a pack burro runner.

This is Coquette with Penny her best friend ever since she's been here.  They had drifted away from being together all the time, and this summer has proven Coquette doesn't require Penny to be in her life.  She will have a horse and a boyfriend of her own kind.  She kinda likes the boys so maybe he will be her new best friend........LOL

This is Pepsi a few years ago, contemplating whether it's worth it or not to come on the courtyard and listen to us yell and scream.

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