Monday, August 27, 2018

LOTS GOING ON........!!

I don't know where the time goes.  I'll look at the calendar and it looks pretty clean and I think it's going to be a nice relaxing week.  Then a couple of days later I look a the calendar and wonder what the heck happened to all those "nothing happening" days.  This is turning into one of those weeks.  

One thing that is happening is Dr. Jeremy will be coming out today if nothing happens to his schedule.  I've got 3 problem children.........Gus is eating mush, and quidding hay.  So he needs to have his mouth looked at.

Boaz's skin problems are doing good since the weather has cooled off.........except for the one on his chest.  I've been doctoring it most of the summer and it's still an angry red mess, of course he doesn't help since it is within his biting range.  So maybe Dr. Jeremy has some idea, there is no way to bandage a chest effectively and he'd just tear off the bandage anyway.

For the last couple of weeks, when we would go out to doctor, Cisco's sheath would be wet.  I didn't think much about it since he usually pees just before we get to his pen.  So I have been rinsing him off and putting Desitin diaper rash creme on his sheath.  The last couple of days I noticed after he peed the urine was thick, milky and had a slimy oily feel.  I got on the internet and the symptoms could point to renal failure.  Hopefully it's nothing that can't be fixed.  

The bats are moving around and John just looked out and there must be 15-20 hummingbirds at the feeders.  I guess it's getting into fall, the hummers are probably migrating, we don't usually have so many.  I haven't noticed the donkeys getting their winter coats yet, so maybe not, who knows.  We're still getting some rain, we've had about 7 inches so far in this monsoon, and can always use more.   All the desert flora and fauna looks pretty good right now.

John and I went over to check Burroland for mesquite beans on the ground yesterday.  We were hoping all the rain had ruined the beans, so the donkeys could go back over there for a couple of hours a day.  There are no beans left on the 10 acres and they are starting to strip the bark off the trees with a vengeance.  John has cut their hay down to starvation rations and they don't appreciate his efforts....!!  

No such luck, the beans on the ground still look very edible unfortunately even with all the rain.  The other day Rosie managed to get the gate to the dog pen open.  Don't know if Doug or John caught her, but all she had in the pen were her head and front legs.  There is a mesquite tree right inside the gate and she was vacuuming up beans as fast as her jaws would move.  She didn't even need to go any further into the pen....!!! SIGH

I raced Saturday night, started in 3rd and finished 4th and brought the car home undamaged, so it was a good night of racing.  This back up car doesn't have as strong a motor as the car with the bent frame.  So they are talking about swapping motors before the next race.  Don't know if it will happen or not, John will be going to Indiana next week for his 60th high school reunion and also a family reunion at his cousin Mark's place, so he won't be working on race cars for a few days.  

Lynn and Linda are staying busy in Colorado as usual.  They plan on coming back to Arizona in early October, but before they do, they have 2 more burro races and 3 people races to participate in.  I don't know if the people races allow dogs, but if they do, I'm sure the dogs will go too.  

This is a video when they were practicing for the Buena Vista race.  Justin wanted to be in front I guess.......!!

Lynn and Turbo enjoying some down time at Buena Vista

Leddy and some friends waiting for something to happen

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