Friday, August 24, 2018


Much to his disgust I'm sure, he had to leave all that green stuff.  Although when we came home, Doug had already fed everyone else, John led Buddy to his pen and he went in and started eating hay....!!!   While he enjoyed his trip thru the pasture, I guess he's not going to let it ruin his life.....!!! LOL

Nacho was running and yelling when John took Buddy out of the pen, but by the time we left he had played with Daisy the dog a little bit.  Haven't heard if he is back to being Mr. Snuggles yet or not.  

He had some hives on his legs, belly and neck like he might have rolled in some noxious weeds, there were too many to be mosquito bites or something like that.  There is so many different types of green stuff out there no telling what it might be.  I told them to try benedryl to see if it might help.

Jorja our local cowgirl said she is allergic to pigweed and there was quite a bit of that in the pasture.  Buddy was busy eating all he could find, guess it doesn't bother him.  It can be toxic to animals, if they eat too much of it, or if it's be over fertilized from what the link says.  Who knew, it's an ancient grain that man has used for food since the beginning of time I guess, although not much in this day and age.

Finally getting a handle on Boaz's skin problems, I think of course I've thought that before.  The last few days of cooler weather, only in the high 80's, low 90's has really made a difference.  I'm sure he'll be glad when I'm not doctoring him everyday, although he does enjoy the accompanying cookies.

My race car didn't get straightened, you should never rely on a racer to get something done, when he says it will be done.......!!!  Especially one that drives a Super Late Model, or Outlaw and I'm needing a piddly little 4 cylinder Hornet straightened......not much fun, style and glory in that..........!!!!  LOL  Oh well, we'll go with what we have.

Actually after many years of the same old and I do mean old style of paint job, we're at least going to look good......!!

The old paint job is pretty eye catching, there are people that remember it from the dirt track.

This is the Oldsmobile dirt track car from 2005, and people still remember it too

Looks pretty good, although John is not eager to try to outline all the orange with 1 inch black tape.  He's had all sorts of excuses and we race tomorrow, probably without black tape.....LOL


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