Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We took Buddy to stay with Nacho until Nacho can be gelded when the weather cools off.  The introduction went very well, Nacho kept following Buddy and Buddy kept moving around checking all the available greenery.  As far as I know Buddy has never been on pasture, we got him from where he was born about 18 years ago and it was just desert brush no grass.  

So his head went down and he didn't pay anymore attention to us or Nacho or anything except all that green stuff.  It's not grass per se, lots of weeds, but he was eating those too........!!!

 If he thought Nacho was getting too nosy, he'd kick back with either or both back feet and never miss a bite. 

We were hoping getting Buddy away from the mesquite beans would be a good thing, although I'm not so sure access to greenery 24/7 is a good replacement.

I e-mailed the people yesterday and they said Buddy is very friendly and easy going and is still eating.  But the problem is, Nacho is acting jealous, stand offish with them where before he was "Mr In Their Pockets" and has actually nipped them a couple of times.  They miss their Mr. Snuggles.......!! 

This is unusual, usually a donkey by itself is thrilled to have a new friend.  

So we will probably go down this week and bring Buddy home, I'm sure he will be very disappointed to lose access to all that green stuff......!!!   LOL 

Thought I'd share a few of Linda's pictures from Leadville week-end.

I think this was during the Leadville parade, Lynn and Linda took turns riding Turbo, which I'm sure the spectators enjoyed, they usually don't see the donkeys being ridden

Loki and friends in the weeds

Team Loki looking good..........I think that is Leo beside them, don't know for sure.  There are a lot of spotted donkeys racing.

Linda and a couple of friends

Team Justin

How cool is this donkey holding up the corral panels on the side of Lynn and Linda's stock trailer.....UPDATE: I got ahead of myself, these cool corral panel donkeys are NOT on Lynn and Linda's trailer, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't end up with some..........LOL

Loki with his "bling" for finishing the long course, 21 miles...!

Team Mary Margaret, the winners of the Triple Crown this year.  They won Fairplay, Leadville and Buena Vista

Looks like I will be racing this week-end in the back-up car.  Our grandson took the car that needs to be straightened to the frame shop, but they haven't done it yet and Saturday is fast approaching.  We put the numbers and other decals on the back-up car yesterday, so it should be ready to go.  I hate to take it out there cold turkey, I can think of all sorts of "opportunities" that can go wrong.  But I'm in 4th place for end of the year points and hopefully it will make it thru the night, so I can at least stay in the running. 


ellie k said...

Are they riding Turbo with just a halter on him? Looking close I cannot see a bridle.

Tish said...

Just a halter, he's never had a bridle on