Friday, August 17, 2018


Heard from Nacho's family, he's doing good, even playing with their dog Daisy.  John said when they let her out, after we left Tuesday, she ran straight to the pasture, thru the fence and they started chasing each other.  He sure is a mellow jack, nothing seems to upset him.  But when the people are at work, he is by himself and as I said before we're willing to try Buddy as a companion until Nacho is gelded.  

This was Buddy a few years ago before we started having to fight the battle of the bulge.  He actually went out to an adoption for about 2 years and came home vastly overweight after we had told the people about his weight problem and how to feed him.  Since then it's been an ongoing battle.  

Shiloh, Buddy Brat and Cisco probably 15 years ago.  Even then Buddy was a Chunky Monkey....!!

So we will be delivering Buddy this Sunday.  We'll hang around for awhile to see how it goes.  They have an extra pen, so if for some reason there was a problem, they could put him in there until we could get back to bring him home.  

He's pretty easy going and is use to being around different donkeys, so it should go just fine.  Shiloh has been in a excellent caring home with Belle for 10 years.  Cisco is still here and will stay here.  He was a roping donkey in a roping school and has problems with his legs as old age has set in.  He is probably in his mid 20's and it's a battle to keep weight on him his teeth aren't very good either.  

Heard from Linda this morning, they finally posted the results from the Buena Vista race last Sunday.  There were 81 entries, Team Loki and Linda finished 54th and Team Turbo and Lynn finished 17th...!!!  That is their best finishes yet, and it seems like the donkeys are finally figuring out what they are suppose to do.  Well Loki is somewhat of a "wild child" and likes to pass all the other donkeys, which is a good thing.  But he's a little too eager sometimes.  Pepsi finished last, with a novice runner and she was thrilled with her award.  I don't know where Leo and Justin finished, Justin was also running with a novice runner too.  

It sounded like a good time was had by all, no more races until the final two in September.  Hopefully they will finish well in those races too.  

Linda sent some pictures from the Leadville race a couple of weeks ago.  

The "racers" waiting for something to happen

Team Leo with Turbo in the background, the lead rope is Turbo's I think, not sure where Leo's is down his side I guess.  I'm starting to get confused on who's with who.........LOL

Team Turbo

This is such a cute picture.  Team Justin is made up of Justin and his partner, who is quite a bit over 6 foot tall.  I'm sure there were short people racing with big donkeys, but I bet there wasn't another team with such a height difference between team partners as these two. 

After Linda finished her race, she helped check in the runners that were finishing after 5pm. 

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