Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I know other people are busier than we are, Lynn and Linda for instance. sure seems like we manage to stay busy and always have a list of things that need to be done, that keeps growing.  John came in from chores this morning, sat down in his recliner and if I was really mean, I'd take a picture of him "watching TV"..........!!!  LOL  We need to go doctor donkeys, but we can do it later. 

Lynn and Linda called last night and it sounds like they had probably their best week-end of Burro Pack Racing so far.  Linda and Loki Joe finished 3 hours faster than Linda and Leddy did last year.  Leddy has not discovered the fun and adventure of racing, he's more the parade type I guess...!!!  Loki, no problem, Linda said he seems to have the idea that he needs to get to the front, which of course is a good attitude for a racer....!!!  She doesn't know where they finished but 3 hours faster than last year, should put them up in the middle somewhere at least. Lynn finished in the top 20 out of 81 teams with Turbo.  It looks like Turbo is finally figuring out what he is suppose to do. 

Team Mary Margaret did in fact win the Triple Crown this year, which certainly doesn't happen every year.   There are 2 more races in September and then everyone will have to start planning for next year.   I would imagine some of them have already started plotting next year's adventure.

Quilla didn't race, but did get to go along as a companion/burrositter, Linda said he seemed so happy to be part of the group and enjoyed hanging out with a couple of the other donkeys that didn't get to race. 

Quilla even got to participate in a little pre-race practice for obstacles

Quilla and one of his new friends
Yesterday John and I transported a donkey for some people that had been out here a few weeks ago to visit with the donkeys.  They had recently moved to Arizona and when they bought their house, made sure it had a place for donkeys.  They found Nacho on Craigslist but he was up between Tucson and Phoenix and they lived south of us in Sierra Vista.  Over the years we've moved quite a few assorted animals for people that didn't have trailers.  Pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, cows, horses and of course donkeys. 

One thing that worried me is they have never owned donkeys and this is a 3 year old jack.  We had discussed gelding which of course can't be done this time of year because of the flies and heat.  Jacks can be unpredictable and for new owners really a challenge. 

They drove up a few days ago to see if he would be OK, and said he was so gentle, curious and easy going and they wanted him.  So off we went with the trailer yesterday to pick him up wondering if this was a good idea or not. 

He is all they said he was and more, a very nice donkey with lots of personality and seems to love to be with people. 

They have a wonderful place for him, nice barn, nice fencing and a large area of Bermuda grass to eat.   I had told them to get a bale of hay, but he's not going to be interested in that at all, as long as the grass is there. 


He's such a mellow fellow, this morning I'm thinking about sending Buddy Brat down to keep him company until his "brain" surgery if they'd like.  He hasn't acted hormonal at all and there isn't any animals, female or otherwise close to him.  Buddy likes to play and one good thing about the pasture area is...........there are no mesquite trees in it.  Consequently no beans, to add to Buddy's weight problem.  Could be a win win for everyone, but we'll wait a couple of days to see how Nacho does.  He was a companion for a horse that had to be put down, and he's been by himself for awhile. 

* * * * *

I'm suppose to race the 25th of August and my car is still not straight.  Our grandson has it in Tucson, to put it on a frame jig of a friend of a friend, after hours, etc......!!  In other words it's one of those things that might not happen. 

So John has been painting on the backup car..........just in case.  I'd really rather run the wrecked one, but it might not happen. 

Our son has graduated to an all orange car, the modified has a flat body, so he buys the orange metal and cuts it to painting.....!!

Our 1st race car painted with the orange fenders was in 1970 a 1964 Chevelle that had been hit by a train.

Over the years we have pretty much stuck with that paint scheme, which is actually a holdover from the early days of racing in the 40's and 50's.

So after almost 50 years we've decided to try something different, at least with the backup car.  If JR gets the wrecked car straightened it won't see the light of day, at least next race day.  But it's about ready............just in case.  

The top is all orange, we've never had this much orange on a car before, it's always just been the front fenders and the side slash.

It will need to have the black pin striping outlining all the orange, which should look pretty good. 

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