Sunday, August 23, 2015



These two are so "been there, done that", loading and hauling was no big deal.  Got to Kris' place in early afternoon and Ruthie started yelling when she saw the trailer.

This was later when Kris put some hay in the mangers so Reba and Rusty would know this is a good place.  Ruthie after the initial nose thru the fence and a squeal or two, was more interested in what Kris put in the manger.  

 Rusty is really interested in the grass around the edge.  Wait till he gets out on 20 acres of the stuff...!!

Ruthie and Reba in the barn

I'm sure they will all get along just fine once they are out together.  Hopefully Ruthie will get over missing her mustang friend quickly.

This morning Falena, one of the girls that just returned from foster care a few weeks ago, came in limping and laying down.  I checked her feet and they weren't that warm, but she sure is acting like she is foundering.  I gave her some bute and we soaked her feet in IV bags of ice water.  I HATE MESQUITE BEANS......!!!!  And this year we have so many of them.  There aren't enough range cattle in the area to clean Burroland if John opens the gates, but we can't let the donkeys go over there I'm afraid.  It's like playing Russian Roulette, will they or won't they eat enough beans to cause laminitis?  I'm afraid if we continue to let them over there, they will.  So.........Burroland will be closed and most of them will only have access to the 10 acres, which isn't exactly lacking in mesquite beans either.  Noticed I said most..........some of them are already overweight, or have been foundered in the past, or in the case of Falena, might be a good candidate for foundering now.  Those will not be allowed out of the pens for however long it takes to get control of the mesquite problem.  They might all end up in the pens, and we'll be out on the 10 acres with a rake and wagon, raking up beans....which doesn't sound like much fun at all............!!

The donkeys usually aren't interested in the beans once they fall on the ground and lay for awhile.  The beans start turning dark and usually get worm holes in them.  I am really hoping that once we let them over there, if there are old dark wormy beans laying around, they won't bother them.  

We'll probably ice Falena's feet again this evening, hopefully we caught it early.

Penny seems to be back to normal, after her couple of days of acting sick.  

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