Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sure looks like it.  Gigi, the one that has been crippled from birth is not putting any weight on her bad front foot and laying down a lot.  The problem with her is she is really difficult to work with.  I sent Tyler an e-mail, so hopefully he'll get a chance to come out and evaluate.

All this rain and humidity isn't good for feet that are use to being dry.  Falena seems to be doing good, still a little ouchy on the foot Tyler dug on, but moving around and not laying down.  He said he had seen one of these homemade boots stay on for 3 weeks, so I guess we'll keep it on as long as possible.  I put one of the old boots I had for Jenny a couple of years ago.  It's way too big for Falena, Jenny was a mammoth, but it is just a flimsy material, so I wadded it up and did my best to get it as tight as possible.  Put it on yesterday morning and it's still on.  It's just a barrier to keep her from walking on the gorilla tape, so if it comes off, no big deal, except to try and find it.  

The drill now is, if individual donkeys don't eat their hay at night, they don't get out of the pens until noon the next day.  They only get 5 hours out on the 10 acres a day that way.  No one is going over on Burroland at all.  

Yesterday John heard some cows in the area, he took the golf cart down on Cattle Drive and saw where they had walked past the gate.  So he opened the gate and we took a salt block down to put in the gate opening, to encourage them to go thru the gate.  

This morning we heard cows bellowing in 2 different places, one sounded like on our neighbor's property, and the other one sounded like it was on Burroland.  We needed to go over and open the other gate on the east side of Burroland anyway, so off we went.  Sure enough there was a Charolais cow on Burroland, one half grown Angus bull and 3 or 4 of his friends on the neighbor's property and the little bull was yelling at the cow, and she was yelling back.  She couldn't be his momma, so I don't know what was going on, but there was no way for them to get together.  We went ahead and opened the other gate, and right after we went back in the house they shut up.  Not sure if they got together, they sure couldn't go in a direct route, but I guess they figured it out.  

With the 2 gates open they can wander in on one side and wander out on the other.  Hopefully eating beans as they mosey along, at least that's what we hope happens. 

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