Saturday, August 08, 2015

Doldrums of summer I guess


This last week has been a blur.  Haven't accomplished a darn thing, but the days have been busy.  The big change is, the mesquite beans are now ripening, much to the pleasure of the donkeys and mules.  They are not the least bit in interested in coming in to be stuck in a pen and fed hay while the beans are out there calling them.  

We have reinstated the hated policy of not being allowed free access to Burroland.  The first day was horrible.  When they went out of the pens in the morning, Burroland was closed.  They all stood over there most of the day, impatiently waiting.  John let them out about 2 hours before supper round-up.  As you can imagine when it came time to go in the pens for supper, there was a one was interested in what we had to offer.  I think it took over an hour to get everyone rounded up and where they belonged...............and they didn't look happy...........LOL  

Yesterday was day 2 and John opened the gate a couple of hours earlier, and they didn't figure it out until about 1/2 hour before round-up.............SIGH......!!!  A repeat of the day before.  It will take a few days to reprogram them to being on the 10 acres most of the time with only a few hours in Burroland.  Unfortunately we will have to do this for the next couple of months probably.  I've already upped their magnesium oxide to help with their weight gain........hopefully.....!!

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