Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Unfortunately we had a real gulley washer right at feeding time.  High winds and rain going every direction and of course the mandatory wash run.

It was really nasty for about 1/2 an hour or so, and of course the donkeys were all hunkered down for the duration.  We all went out looking for them and a more uncooperative bunch I've never seen.  So I told John and Doug we wouldn't be feeding tonight.  Most of them haven't been interested in hay or mush for quite sometime anyway, so it seemed rather silly to kill ourselves rounding or trying to round them up, just to have them stand in the pens and ignore their lovingly prepared dinner.  I am hoping in the morning they will have a change of heart and maybe appreciate being fed.  They aren't going on Burroland now, so they don't have access to as many beans, although the wind blew down some more.

Tyler came last evening figured out where the abscess probably was and started cutting away at the bottom/side of Falena's hoof.  Sure enough, he found it and it didn't pop, but did start oozing.  He had his helper Jake, make up a poultice, wrapped it in Gorilla tape and went on his way.  He was here and gone in about 15 minutes, must be nice to know what you are doing.  He said he'd be back in a few days to reset her shoe, she's starting to turn that rear foot backwards again.  On a scale of 1-10 yesterday being a 10, this morning she was probably about a 5 and tonight a 1, just a little hitch in her git-a-long, so hopefully we won't have anymore of those.  Not instant relief like when they pop, I guess.  

A friend lost her cat and asked if we wanted her cat tree.  When John and I got home this afternoon Doug had delivered it and it was in the great room..........with a cat in it.  I guess Nigel decided it was his, he's been in it and as far as I know, no one else has had a chance.  It's a nice one, so many are rather flimsy, probably made for kittens.  But this one is pretty sturdy.  

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