Monday, August 24, 2015


Given an option I wouldn't opt for one either, but it looks like Falena has one.  Yesterday morning John and Doug came in and said she was laying down and of course the first thought is laminitis, because of all the mesquite beans.  I checked her, no heat in the front feet, didn't mind having her leg or foot messed with, but I went ahead and put her feet in some ice water, which she didn't seem to mind.  But she was really lame and as the day wore on I could tell the right side was what was bothering her.  

I've been lucky over the years to only have a couple of abscesses and they popped by themselves.  She's been laying down most of the time, and by this morning my latest  guess is an abscess.  When she does stand, she has no weight on that foot at all and holds it out in front with the toe pointing.  

Dr. Lindsey sent me an e-mail to let me know she hadn't heard back from Boaz's biopsy and of course when I answered her, I had to tell her about Falena.  The problem with an abscess is it's not that easy to treat.  Especially if you can't find a soft spot or heat.  It's in that hoof somewhere, but no way to know where.  

Dr. Lindsey e-mailed back to soak her in warm water with Epsom salts, so I did.  I also got in touch with Tyler, since he has worked on her feet for years.  She's the one that has to have a shoe on one of her hind feet if it starts to turn backwards.  He said Epsom salts and he will try to come out after he gets home tonight.  So I've done all I can for now.  Hopefully if he does get out, he'll be able to find it.  The thing about an abscess is, they are extremely painful, and as soon as the abscess opens either on it own, or if you are lucky enough to find it and open it, they are instantly sound.  Keep you fingers crossed.

Since we had the laminitis scare at first we have decided that Burroland is officially closed for the season, which will probably not be until the end of September.  They will have to get by on the 10 acres, which hopefully they will have cleaned up sooner rather than later.  They are really unhappy right now.  They know the drill, and they know that gate is suppose to be open.  They also know we are somehow involved, so every time they see us outside, they yell at us.  

I just hope by the time the last bean falls off the tree, that the old beans laying on the ground have lost their luster as a food source.  Time will tell, I guess.

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