Saturday, August 29, 2015


I hate to whine, but I'm really ready for our normal hot dry desert weather.  LOL  I don't really mind it, but it's terrible on the donkey feet.  Falena is still recuperating from her abscess.  Gus probably blew an abscess a couple of days ago.  And Gigi is really sore on her crippled front foot.  Unfortunately when they have an abscess or that's what you think is the problem, you can't give them any bute.  It would slow the process of the abscess opening, which in the long run would make the process last longer.  I've left a couple of messages for Tyler, but he hasn't called me back.  He will when he gets time, he stays pretty busy. 

Gigi isn't the easiest thing to work with, but this morning I decided to try to soak her foot in warm Epsom Salts water.  Got all my toys together and out we went.  I mixed the water in a small bucket, but took an IV bag, planning on putting her in the redneck squeeze, because she has been known to kick like a machine.  

John opened up the squeeze and started trying to get her to go in it, but she didn't want to move much.  She got to where we tie her up when Tyler comes to trim her feet and she stopped, wouldn't go any further.  I gave John the halter and she let him put it on her.  She likes him better than me for some reason.  Tied her there and prepared for a rodeo.  She wasn't much interested in me picking up her foot, but when I did I decided to try putting it in the bucket rather than the IV bag.  Wonders of all wonders she left it in, tried to take it out a couple of times, but for the most part stood very good.  We only did 10 minutes, didn't want to push our luck.  Then she didn't want to take her foot out of the bucket.  Tomorrow we'll try it again, with warmer water and a longer soaking time.  

I'll be racing tonight.  For the first time this year the Hornets will be qualifying.  That means we will run 2 timed laps and our time will be used to line us up for the main event.  After tonight we will only have 2 more point races for end of the year points.  I am in 7th place right now, but within striking distance of 5th place, if I have 3 good races and 6th and 5th place drivers don't.  I'm not wishing them any bad luck, but 5th is better than 7th.........!!!  LOL

They are also going to have a trailer race.  That means they can use any car or truck as a tow vehicle, and any type of trailer.  They paint them all up gaudy, last year they had a full size house trailer.  They aren't allowed to hit the tow vehicle, BUT, the trailer is fair game.  It really makes a mess, when it's over, there are trailer parts strung all around the track.  Needless to say, that's the last race of the night.....!!! 

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