Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Hadn't heard from the boys new family and was beginning to wonder if I should call them.  Sarah called this morning and it sounds like the boys are having a great time.  They've been doing their entertaining play fighting every afternoon.  She said she's afraid they might be getting too much green grass, so I suggested, putting them in the barn area for part of the day if it becomes a problem.  She also asked how much quality time, petting, grooming, etc they got here.  I told her with as many as we have, they were lucky to get a "lick and a promise".  She said they push each other to get in position to get brushed, and  she wanted to make sure they weren't being neglected. I'm sure they are soaking up all the attention they can get, that's the donkey way........!!

They still aren't thrilled with the little girls.  Hopefully they will get use to them being small, quick, and high pitched loud little voices.  I'm sure they will eventually.  

The area they are in is one of the real horsey areas of Tucson, they are surrounded by horses and of course, lots of people ride their horses down the road in front of their place.  I asked if there had been any "problems" with horses seeing the donkeys.  She said she had seen a couple of horses do a little side step, their rider wasn't expecting, when they saw the donkeys for the 1st time..........LOL  

This is our son's new race car.  I personally don't know what was wrong with the old one, but for some reason right now a lot of the racers are playing "musical cars", buying, selling, and trading.  

This is the car he sold.  He promises me the "new" car will end up orange and white, with blue.  Not sure how that blue will work out.  I personally think this one is prettier, BUT, the new one has lots of  hidden bells and whistles and has won a lot of races.  I guess "pretty" doesn't count as much as what's under the hood and in the suspension sometimes. 

John went in Sunday to write a check and we got a call later that night from Rod that Will had sent him a picture of the check...............after it went thru the washing machine in his pant pocket..........LOL  So we had to go in again yesterday and write another check.  I wrote this one, hope it makes it to the bank this time. 

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