Sunday, July 26, 2015


Well, the big day was yesterday and even though it was hotter than Hades, everyone seemed to have a good time.  We had a jumping castle for the kids, which was a big hit.

John said he looked one time and JR was jumping in the castle.  John said everytime he came down kids flew up in the air.  Sorry I missed it. 

Here is the decorations over the cake table.  Amy and Morgan outdid themselves, they transformed a movie site saloon, into a decorated place for a reception.  Really looked nice.  

This is Hunter, our great grandson, trying to figure out what he wants to eat off his plate

Our son, Rod all dressed up.  That lasted a couple of hours and all of a sudden he showed up in sweats and t-shirt, his usual attire.  Most of us, opted for comfort from the beginning.  That's one of Jay's old cars I think it's a 1931 Dodge, but not sure.  

Ever since Saddik came to stay with us, we've worked to keep him from following us off the property.  He's good about not following the car or Doug's motorcycle.  But I guess he heard either our voices or all of the voices and decided to come to the reception.  We tried to discourage him, but he would just go hide for awhile until no one was paying attention and he'd show up.  He's very smart, he already knows I'm the mean one, so he pretty much stayed out of my way.  LOL

A good picture of JR and Becky with JR SMILING......!!  This is some sort of miracle, someone must have tickled him or something.  His usual pictures are "no smile".  I don't know why, the rest of us usually grin like idiots.....!  Becky always takes a nice picture.  

It's a little blurry, I forgot my camera was on close range, but I couldn't not show this.  We can't figure out if John is the lion from the Wizard of OZ or if he is just having a bad hair day.  This was one of the decorations and we talked him into putting it on his head.  Surprisingly he did it......!!!

By the time everyone left and we cleaned up it was getting close to 7pm, which is about 2 hours late to feed donkeys.  They were in the driveway when we got home, I swear with reproachful looks on their faces..........well I couldn't really see thru their fly masks, but they looked like they thought they were getting mistreated.  Once they were fed they were happy again, so I guess we are forgiven. 


ellie k said...

Was Saddik home when you got home? Probably looking all innocent like I have been here waiting on you to come back.

Tish said...

Of course, one time we went to a different area that was towards home. Someone said he took off for home and we didn't see him again for quite awhile. Guess he got tired of waiting at home for us, and came back later. He's very intelligent, but I guess being left out of all the fun was more than he could take. Of course all the kids and a lot of the grown-ups showered him with attention, so I guess it was worth the wrath of Tish......LOL

Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

Becky is gorgeous, Rod certainly looks handsome in his spiffy duds, Hunter's a real cutie and the last time I saw JR he was still a teenager. Great brood you guys have there!

Donna said...

What a fun day!

Tish said...

JR is 29, which I find amazing.........LOL Becky is a very pretty girl, she's a little "foo-foo" for this family, but seems to accept all of us being a little "strange". JR brought Hunter into the marriage, and Becky brought Kyler. Kyler is 3 months younger than Hunter, they were both 3 this spring. Now Becky wants another little boy with JR. I said a little girl, but got shot down. LOL

curtis03 Lewis said...

I am glad you had an awesome day in this wedding party. The idea of jumping castle for the kids is nice and I will surely do the same on my wedding day that will be held in this summer at one of the indoor wedding venues in New York City.