Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The girls have been in foster care for about 3 or 4 years.  We were hoping it was a permanent home, but like a lot of relationships these days, the couple split the blanket.  So they are back looking for a new home.  

I must say they are in excellent condition, they've had very good care and were well loved.  

Selena is on the left and Falena is on the right.  We think they might be mother and daughter, but don't know for sure.  

It's been a long time since I got a call from someone actually wanting 2 donkeys, they usually just want one, which we won't do.  

Heard from Sarah yesterday about Ruger and Wister.  She said they are really enjoying the boys, but they still haven't warmed up to the 2 little girls, even if they are outside the fence with a treat.  SIGH!  They really want it to work and I hope it does, it would be a great home for them.  She also thinks Ruger is gaining weight.  We are going into Tucson today, so will stop by and have a look.  They do have quite a bit of grass in an area of over an acre.  She isn't even feeding hay at all.  She is pleased the ground squirrels are not as prevalent.  The pasture area looked almost like a prairie dog village, but not as large holes and piles of dirt.  She said now she only sees a couple a day, where it use to be like Grand Central Station at go  home time.  They obviously don't like the new neighbor's hooves running around on their roof.....!!!  LOL

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