Thursday, July 09, 2015


This is without a doubt the worst video I've ever taken, not the subject matter, but where did all that color come from?  YUCK, I couldn't do a take over, so here it is.......!! 

We will be taking Ruger and Wister to their new home tomorrow, they will be going as fosters, but I think it will become permanent.  You couldn't ask for 2 more well behaved young donkeys, they are curious and love to "help" when you are trying to do something outside.  I'm sure they will get a lot of attention with this young family, which will really bring out their personalities.  

This morning Doug came in with a handful of foam, that use to be part of one of the seat cushions on the golf cart.  It seems Saddik is continuing a long tradition the donkeys started years ago of seeing if the seats taste good.  Usually the donkeys just take one bite, but he obviously was having fun.  Doug just left for town to get some gorilla tape.  

Yesterday morning Amy and her son Joseph were here cleaning pens and found a baby bird on the ground.  They put it in a box on top of Pancho's shelter and later I changed it to a small basket with some hay in it.  It's starting to feather out, with lots of skin still showing, so it's still very helpless.  At first we thought it was a sparrow, because lots of sparrows hang out in the cat claw tree above the area.  But the birds hanging around it are a type of flycatcher.  It's still alive this morning, so they have to be taking care of it.  We're staying away and observing from afar.  Hope it makes it.  

I had a visitor on the back porch this morning. 

Not sure what kind, looks like a coach whip by shape.  They come in various colors, but haven't ever seen one this color with stripes.  That is a 3 foot opening in the door, and his tail is as long as the edge of the picture, very long and not very big around.  He's still on the porch behind a piece of plywood leaned up against the wall.  There might be a small problem, if he plans on staying there all day.  Julius, the outdoor cat usually spends his afternoons behind that plywood.  I don't think they would probably co-habitate.  Not sure that's a word, but I don't think they are going to do it........LOL 

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