Monday, July 20, 2015


Not much going on right now.  Because of all the rain there is all sorts of little green things trying to come up.  The mules and donkeys are having a field day and consequently coming in at feeding time and eating what is offered isn't really very high on their radar.  So John has been cutting back on their hay.  This morning they were all out here waiting impatiently for something to happen.  He must have it just about right.......LOL 

Of course the next "crisis" will be all the green mesquite beans hanging on the trees getting ripe and starting to fall.  We'll miss old Pepper, I swear he could hear a bean hit the ground at 100 feet, and off he'd "gimp: to get to it before someone else did.  His legs might have been shot, but his hearing was excellent......!!!

Some of them will probably end up being in the pens 24/7 until the bulk of the beans are gone, which is usually the end of September.  Poor little Buddy Brat always ends up in the pens and I have a feeling Rosie and Coquette will have to go in too.  We'll start out keeping all of them on the 10 acres and only letting them over in Burroland for a couple of hours a day.  Hopefully that will work out and we won't have to pen anyone up.

This week-end we are having a belated reception for our grandson J.R. and his wife Becky.  They got married a year ago at the court house, so everyone got cheated out of a wedding.  We told them we'd have a reception for them and J.R. said he wanted to have it out here at Gammon's Gulch.  When we came back from Saudi in 1990 he was about 4 years old and spent time out here helping grandpa.   Jay let us stay up at the movie site for 3 months until John got the garage built, so we could live in it.  It was like camping out with a roof, and I guess J.R. remembers it fondly. Not sure Becky's family will appreciate a reception held out in the boonies, but they are coming.........LOL  They requested a jumping castle, so the kids wouldn't get bored............  HUH......??  With all this dirt and rocks to throw, maybe even a snake or two to chase.....sounds like kid heaven to me.........LOL  But we rented a castle anyway.

I'm getting lazy in my old age, there was a time when I would have catered the whole mess.  In fact I did when our son and Lisa got married about 20 years ago.  I am making a few things for the snacks, but having a Bar-B-Que place do the dinner.  They cater some of the jeep tours John has worked on and he really liked their food.

Wish me luck for survival.........!!!  LOL

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